Today we will talk about the Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat and in this review I will try to provide you with all the details that I believe you should know about this fishing boat before you decide to buy it or not. Keep in mind that this is just a review. If you try to find the cheapest price online for the Colorado Boat then you can Click On This Link to take advantage of great 28% discount on this fishing boat today…

Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat Review And Discount

Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat Review And Discount

The Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat is an inflatable 9 foot high capacity pontoon boat with a padded seat. The boat has a capacity of 400lb and a river rating of class 1.

The boat offers a huge storage capacity with over 20 pockets and two insulated drink holders. At the back there is a weather proof water mount and wire rear storage, as well as a battery platform. The fishing rod holder can be mounted on six different positions and it also has a detachable foam fly patch and a padded plastic seat for extra comfort.

The seat mount and foot rests adjust to any length allowing user to adjust them to their comfort. The foot rests are also notably non-slip and the boat rides high for improved visibility. The boat also houses heavy duty pontoons with abrasion resistant PVC bottoms and nylon tops, with a powder coated steel tube frame.

Other Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 14 inches ; 84.5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 85 pounds

Average Score: 4.6/5

Percentage Of Positive Reviews: 94%

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What Other Users Say About The Classic Accessories Colorado Boat?

Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat

Very cool boat. I installed a 7″ lift on the seat and it puts you a little higher in the water. I cant wait to get an electric motor but the 7′ paddles work good to for those…


Disclaimer: I work for a “major outdoor retailer” and sell the “XT” version of this pontoon…


As a kayak fisherman I thought to try out a platform with the same lightweight portability but be able carry more gear for river excursions…

The Pros & Cons Of The 69660 Colorado Boat

The Pros

  • This boat is not that heavy. This means it is easy to load and unload it while transporting without necessarily asking for help.
  • The boat can be used in many situations. you can use it in small ponds, large lakes or even slow moving rivers for your fishing escapades.
  • The boat`s seat is very comfy and the many available pockets avail more than enough space to store your accessories.
  • This boat offers enough room to store your equipment.
  • The fishing rod can be mounted on six different positions giving you a variety of choices.

The Cons

  • If your boat happens to break down, it is quite a hustle acquiring any spare parts for this model.
  • According to some customers, the seas around the valves on the bladders may start leaking air within no time.

Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat

Find More Info About The Pros & Cons Of The Classic Accessories 69660 Colorado Boat Here

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Classic Accessories Colorado Boat is a decent boat that many starters can afford which gives you a good service without putting a drain into your pockets.

I really like that this boat is light and easy to move, one thing which can be a big advantage to those who hate moving heavy things around. In addition, the ability to choose the mode of operation which is right for your trip very easily is also a great thing about this model.

All in all, this boat can be a very good pick especially for starters who look for a decent boat at affordable price tag…

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